Tick Pest Treatments

A Tick can be harm full to both animals and humans. There are a few types of ticks with the most common being the bush tick and the paralisys tick. It is the paralisys tick which can kill dogs and cats in a few days and puppies and kittens are most at risk.

South East Gippsland Pest Control understands the needs to treat ticks and has provides many tick control treatment each spring and summers, and are usually a problem from July through to February.

South East Gippsland Pest Control – Tick Pest Control:

Tick control is applied by applying a fine mist treatment into and onto the foliage on your property, as well as around your house which includes trees, gardens, lawns and pool areas, creating a Tick free barrier.

This treatment is extremely effective and may last for up to 3 months*.  (Top-up treatment recommended for 4-6 weeks during the tick season).

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