Rodent Pest Treatment

Mice and rats are not only a source of a potential spread of diseases, they are also very destructive. Fires have started because rodents chew into electrical cables and wiring around commercial and domestic properties.

Rodents eat about 10 per cent of their body weight daily. The average rodent will consume 30 grams a day. Five rodents can lay around 70,000 droppings and over 27 litres of urine a year. Rodents can easily contaminate food.

Due to the fact that rodents are nocturnal, they are rarely seen but their presence is evident from droppings, urine stains and oily markings from their pelts when they squeeze through tight spaces. Of course other evidence is from damage that they have caused to food stuffs and damage where they have gnawed through or into walls or timbers.

South East Gippsland Pest Control – Rodent Pest Control:

Identification of the species inhabiting the premises is important so that precise and specific control methods are undertaken.

South East Gippsland Pest Control have a wide range of  methods for treating your rodent pest control problem and ongoing management. Each individual situation requires a different method or combination of methods to solve the problem.

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