Bed Bugs Pest Treatment

Bed bugs are nocturnal, hibernating during the day within cracks & crevices in or around bedding and furniture and  venturing out in the dark to feed on their warm blooded victims.  Generally the bedbug is not associated with any serious cross infection or transmission of disease to humans.

Bed bugs are generally active during the night. Typically they feed on their hosts (humans) without notice. A number of health issues can occur when contact has been made with a Bed Bug including skin rashes.

Mature bed bugs grow to 4 – 5 millimeters in length and are a reddish brown colour. Bed bugs are blood sucking creatures feeding mainly on humans. They exist in temperatures ranging form 16 – 40 degrees celsius.

South East Gippsland Pest Control – Bed Bug Pest Control:

  • A thorough inspection will be undertaken and all possible hiding places within infested and adjoining rooms examined.
  • Direct treatment of infested areas with an insecticide with some residual activity will be  applied

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