Silverfish Pest Treatment

Silverfish are a common household pest, living and breeding in cool damp places. Silverfish eat almost anything including paper, book bindings, wallpaper and clothing.

While silverfish are among the group of fabric pests, they do have a surprisingly varied diet. They eat both animal and plant products but they prefer items containing starch or glue such as paper, starched clothes, flour, paper, photographs, books, and wallpaper. They are frequently found in cardboard boxes that may be used for storing old or unused clothes, books, newspapers and the like and can do considerable damage to these materials.

Silverfish can live up to four years and each year the female lays around 60 eggs. Generally nocturnal (active at night time), they can be often seen scurrying for cover if disturbed. Behind skirting boards and picture rails, in ceiling and wall cavities and inside cupboards are all excellent hiding and breeding areas. They are commonly found in bath-tubs, where they become trapped while seeking food or moisture.

South East Gippsland Pest Control – Silverfish Pest Control

A thorough inspection to determine likely and observed habitat locations, the extent of the infestation and control methods necessary.

We will then recommend a treatment plan tailored specifically to your home including treating the roof void and wall cavities with a synthetic pyrethroid dust, while other areas such as basements and storage rooms can be treated with a synthetic pyrethroid spray.

South East Gippsland Pest Control can resolve your silverfish problem, and offer a 12 month warranty.

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