Moth Pest Treatment

The case bearing clothes moths are identified by the larvae, having a protective silk case, in which they live while feeding, usually on woollens, felt, upholstered furniture and clothes.

The adult moths are weak flyers. They are likely to hide and hence are not found until damage is already done. Adult moths are not attracted to light. They prefer dark undisturbed areas, such as wardrobes, cupboards and under furniture. Wardrobes, with temperature above 20 degrees, are an ideal environment for clothes moths to start laying eggs.

Female adult moths lay up to 150 eggs on surface of fabric. These eggs are attached to the fabric with the sticky secretion. After 5 days the eggs hatch and larvae emerge. This is the stage where these pests do the most damage as it may last for up to 2.5 years. The larvae moult up to 45 times as they grow.  When the larvae is ready to pupate, they move away from the food source and find other spaces to live in.

South East Gippsland Pest Control – Case-bearing Clothes Moth Pest Control:

There are a variety of products and insecticides available use to control these pests.  Do not spray clothing and bedding with insecticides.

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